Basement Window Aquarium

This was a customer’s basement who had groundwater coming into her basement in multiple locations including through the window that was inside of a window well. The first attempt at preventing water from getting into the window well was to install a cover on top of the window well. It was caulked and screwed to the house and sealed to the lip of the window well. The very next rain, the window well filled with water again. As you could imagine, she was very frustrated after paying a handyman to install the covers.


There is a misconception that the water that gets into these window wells is strictly coming from the top. While water can enter from the top, it is often a small contributor to water accumulation. Rain that saturates the ground will create a false water table and start rising, coming from below. That is why all of the money spent and all the work that she had done on the outside of the house failed to keep the water from filling the window well.


After years of dealing with the water and trying several different repairs, she reached out to us to see if there is anything that we could do. We installed our water control system in the basement to redirect the water and she finally had confidence that her water problem was a thing of the past. She had said that she wished she had called us at the very start of her problem. If your goal is to have a dry basement and keep it dry, reach out to us just like this customer did.

Brad Bowers

Certified Foundation Specialist