Dry Out Their Basement

When I saw Matt and Jennifer's basement for the first time, I could see that they were having water problems. The floors were damp and there was a musty smell in the air. I had seen this kind of problem before and knew that it would take some work to fix it.

Matt and Jennifer had already tried to fix the problem themselves, but their attempts had not been successful. I could tell that they were getting frustrated and I assured them that we could help solve the problem once and for all.

Mr. Basement started by installing a water control system. This system would help to keep the basement dry by redirecting any water that came in.

After that, the basement was finally dry. Matt and Jennifer were so relieved! They no longer had to worry about water damage or mold growing in their basement. Thanks to Mr. Basement, they could finally enjoy their finished basement.

When water finds a path into a basement it will always remember that path. ​

If you’re getting water in your basement, give us a call. We can fix it. ​ Brad Bowers Certified Waterproofing Specialist