The “M” Word (Mold)

Mold in your home is never a good thing. It can cause anything from headaches, and vomiting, all the way up to bleeding lungs. It can also be hidden, as in the case involving the picture shown above. The homeowners never even knew that they had a water problem until the flooring and base trim was removed. Take mold seriously. ​

When moisture is present, coupled with organic material and the right temperature, mold can

thrive. If you can eliminate the moisture source, oftentimes groundwater, you can control mold in

your home. In the picture above, the wall shown was a full-framed wall on a walk-out basement. A repair to keep the water out was relatively minor without having to do a basement waterproofing system, but repairing the damaged areas was a little more involved.


Even if you have a basement with no organic materials in it, mold can still feed on what is called a biofilm. This is made up of dust in the house that contains pet dander and dead skin cells that are shed every day. This is the reason why we have found mold on concrete walls.

Mold can grow in high humidity environments as well. Water doesn’t need to be present to have mold growth. Humidity levels that are elevated can support mold growth. If you suspect mold is present in your home, contact a professional for a complete evaluation. Water entering your home is never a good thing. A comfortable, healthy, and dry basement is within reach. Contact us for more information.

Brad Bowers

Certified Foundation Specialist